Elements of Limerick, interactive walking tour

Photo: Lawrence Collection George’s Street, Limerick

IT’S IMPOSSIBLE to walk through any street or lane in Limerick without stumbling upon years of history. From its earliest Viking origins, to the beautiful Georgian architecture. From the thriving docks, which were a major artery of industry, to the famous Limerick characters who made their mark internationally in their respective fields. For a relatively small city, Limerick could certainly pack a punch with its layered history. But just how much of this are you familiar with?
Each year, as part of the Elemental programme, we try to shine a light on some of this rich and diverse past. What’s behind all that PVC signage and the plate glass facades? We’re delighted this year to have local historian Sharon Slater on the case again, to inform us and open our eyes to sights we probably pass each day. The interactive walking tour, Elements of Limerick, available on Android, is self-guided and can be downloaded to stroll and listen throughout the weekend of Elemental. The historical locations and places of interest are brought to life thanks to local historian Sharon Slater, built by Black Bear software.
We also have a screening of archive footage, which will run right through the weekend, after dark, naturally, showing a selection of everyday Limerick scenes from past generations. This is provided by Limerick Film Archive and will be projected on Thomas Street. Both events are free, so why not check them out.

Mingling the old with the new, merging the lines between indoor and outdoor, structured and not structured, free and ticketed. We’ve really strived this year to create a weave throughout the festival, which we hope you will sense, as you participate in the various events. Nearly all the pieces of the jigsaw are in place – now we just need you!

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